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   Q: How long have you been a stylist and what are your educational bragging rights? 

A:  I’ve been a stylist for over 10 years. From the beginning of my career, I had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the best stylists in Washington DC. I look forward to growing and perfecting my craft in my hometown of Reno!

   Q: What do you love about your craft?

A:  I love that my profession lets me be hands-on and get creative. Every day I get to empower my clients to feel amazing. 

   Q: What have you learned from your clients?

A:  My clients have taught me to trust myself. Having someone in my chair who has faith in me to deliver their hair dreams has made me realize I need to have faith in me too!

   Q: What do you specialize in? 

A:  My specialties are blonde and fashion colors! I love anything bold, whether it be beautiful bright blondes or unexpected and exciting colors.

   Q: What should clients look for when they are shopping for a stylist? 

A: Look for someone who will listen but isn’t afraid to say no! A great stylist is ready to listen to all your hair dreams. But, they also need to be able to say no when something isn’t going to be achievable or will damage your hair’s integrity. 

   Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A:  I find inspiration in my fellow stylists! There are so many talented stylists out there who have so much to teach me. 

   Q: How do you spend your time when not knee-deep into your craft?

A: I spend most of my free time with my three kids, we like to get outdoors and explore! I love re-watching the tv shows I grew up on, listening to music, and reading

   Q: Why are professional hair care products important?

A: professional hair care products are essential! You should take pride in your hair, it can be your biggest asset. Using professional care will not only maintain the color and style you’ve been working for with your stylist, but it will also give you the ability to feel your best with less effort!

   Q: What is your favorite shade of lipstick?

A: My go-to cosmetic is mascara! My makeup bag always has my favorite black mascara, moisturizing lip balm, blush, and of course spf!


          Instagram: @BiggestLittle_Rainbeau

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