What do you love about your Tribe?

              I love my Tribe family because they are grateful for the smallest act of kindness and are always trying to build each other up. I am fascinated by their unique individual style and creativity. I appreciate their empathy and compassion toward others and how much they care for their clients.


What have you learned from your clients?

              One of the tender things I have learned from my clients is how much husbands care for their wives.  They will call to make an appointment or wait around for 3 hours while the magic of the Salon happens.

What should someone look for when they are shopping for a stylist?

              I have been seeing the same stylist for over 18 years. When we first met, I was a young mother with challenges. She took the time to listened to my sorrow as well as celebrate in my achievements.  She took the time to incorporate beautifully styled hair for a busy working mother. She remembered my likes /dislikes for a particular cut as well as push my comfort zone to be with the current trend.


What charitable organizations do you feel passionate about?

              The Ronald McDonald House


How do you spend your time when not at Tribe?

              I love going to concerts, spending time with my family, being outdoors and cuddling with my fur babies.


One thing I want my Tribe Family to know about me

              I am kinda neurotic about my pens. I have a thing about germs and don’t like to share.  I wake up in the morning look at my collection and see which one will make me happy that dayI! I love Japanese brands and will only write with blue.


Why are professional hair care products important?

              Professional hair care products are important for so many reasons.  One the quality of the ingredients, two if you are spending both time and money on getting your hair colored / highlighted you want that process to last, and three to have beautiful healthy hair makes me feel like I’m still in my twenties. LOL


What are my hair care products?

               My current favorite haircare products are the R&Co Bleu line. The caps are recyclable, it is Cruelty Free, Vegan and Gluten Free. My top three holy grail products are the Cult Classic Flexible Hairspray, the Retroactive Dry Shampoo and the Optical Illusion Smoothing Oil.