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Founder of Tribe Salon

Hair Stylist @ Fashion week



Creative Director

International Guest Artist

Bellami Extension Certified

It is easy for me to stay interested in hair dressing. Clients are always changing their look. This allows me to enhance, soften and make subtle adjustments to their hair. Its amazing how a minor adjustment like adding and removing what is necessary will make an huge improvement.

Tribe Founder and Best Hair Stylist in Reno

My credentials

  I had the honor to be an international guest artist for companies such as Bumble & Bumble and Sephora. Along with working on the several shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NYC including

Spring/Summer 2012

  • Custo Barceloia

  • Creatures of the Wind

  • Francecescas

  • Wayne 

Fall/Winter 2012

  • BCGB

  • Katya Leonovich

  • Sally Lapointe

  • Marlon Golbel

  • Lacoste

Fall/Winter 2014

  • Catherine Malandrino

  • Vera Wang

  • Ovadia and Son

  • Thome Brown

  • Ralph Rucci

Spring Summer 2014

  • Tonya Taylor

  • Todd Snyder


  • Herve Leger

  • Ralph Rucci

  • Lacoste

More recently I have dabbling into the movie industry and have been credited for Ingrid Goes West and  for movie trailer for Squaddron soon to be an Netflix Original Series.

I have been working in Reno as a hair stylist for the past 16 years. I have been a network educator for Bumble and Bumble for 16 years and just recently resigned to open Tribe Salon. I feel passionate about my craft and love to create, inspire, motivate and empower clients and fellow hair dressers.

   What have you learned from your clients?

The majority and heart of my clientele have been with me for sixteen years. I have learned how important it is to dedicate 100% of my time to their service by not double booking. I stay current with education and listen.

   What do you specialize in?

 Hair cutting: I create hair cuts that are tailored for each client. I base this tailoring on face shape and natural texture to accent best features while considering lifestyle. I believe a good hair cut should be effortless to style each morning.

   Hair coloring:

I use a German color line that has the best science for 100% grey coverage and true shine. I have a sharp eye for color matching. Whether you are a warm or cool blonde, red or brunette color, hair color should harmonize with your skin tone and balance with textures in your face.

   What should clients look for when they are shopping for a stylist?

A stylist and client relationship is very personal. Finding a stylist that is knowledgeable about hair and has a complementary personality:)

   What are the up coming trends?

I love this decade as you can see something from each decade of the past. Like in furniture, fashion, architecture and interior design, hair fashion is fun because the current trend is more about what is suitable for each client and many styles from the past are back in hair fashion.

   Where do you find inspiration?

The decades are an incredible way to find inspiration. I also look for inspiration in movies, books, nature and often use Hollywood icons as reference.

   What charitable organizations do you feel passionate about?

Humane society,  I love dogs and always get busted feeding street dogs when I go to India. I can hear Bob Barker in my mind from the price is right telling us all to spay and neuter.

   How do you spend your time when not knee deep into your craft?

I love to spend time with my family and my 3 dogs. Kevin a English bull dog who spends most of his time snoring. Benson a dapper fun loving min-pin. Tiger Lilly also a min-pin she thinks she is the boss and often in a grumpy mood. I love traveling and sitting on the beach to decompress. 

   Why are professional hair care products important?

 I find that concentrated shampoo and conditioner are a better value because that will last in your shower for several months. Also Oribe and R+CO products are of the best ingredients and free of harsh chemicals. It is my responsibility to teach you how to support your beautiful color and style so you can replicate your look at home. In-salon purchases will allow our stylists have educational opportunities and stay connected in the industry. 

   What is you favorite shade of lipstick?

That is easy Ruby Woo matte red.

Website: Click Here to know more about me

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