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               Hair Stylist



   Q: How long have you been a stylist and what ae your educational bragging rights (editorial accomplishments)

A:  I have been a licensed Stylist for 10 years now. I studied at Paul Mitchell the School in Sherman Oaks California. I have taken advanced courses in the following:

*Pixie razor cutting with Oribe

*Curly haircuts, pixie cuts, and long layering techniques with Aveda

*Balayage and Reverse Balayage with Aveda

*Updo and Bridal styling courses

*Haircutting classes with Hattori Hanzo

   Q: What do you love about your craft?

A:  What I love most about my craft is the ability to make a woman feel confident and beautiful. It Truly fils my heart. Also the opportunity to build meaning connects with so many truly beautiful people and to be a part of their lives.

Q: What have you learned from your clients?

A:  I think what I have learned most from my clients is how important self care is. Just an hour or two taking care o yourself means everything in maintaining a healthy self.


   Q: What do you specialize in? 

A:   I try to do everything but I really enjoy blonding and updos.

    Q: What are the upcoming trends in hair cutting, coloring and products?

A:   In haircutting I think the upcoming trend is reds and coppers and I am really looking forward to getting to do more. For cuts I see more shags and natural and protective styles coming.

   Q: What should clients look for when they are shopping for a stylist? 

A: I think a client should loo for someone that makes them eel heard and really listens. A grat consultation should not only include what they want but what their lifestyle is.

   Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A:  I find inspiration in expanding my education. I also find inspiration in social media and watching other stylists in the industry and learning from their craft.

Q: What charitable organizations do you feel passionate about?

A: I am new to the area but in the town where I grew up there is an organization called Single Mothers Outreach. I love women building up other women and being able to lift each other up and support them.

   Q: How do you spend your time when not knee-deep into your craft?

A: I spend my spare time with my family. I have two little boys at home that are 3 and 6 weeks old. We also love to be outdoors and go on trips with our trailer and see the world around us.

   Q: Why are professional hair care products important?

A: Professional hair care products are important to be used at home to maintain salon looks and the integrity and health of the hair.

   Q: What is your favorite shade of lipstick?

A: To be honest I am a total Chapstick kind of girl. I love anything with lots of moisture.

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