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Micayla          Nichols  

Hair Stylist

Bellami Extension Certified



   How long have you been a stylist and what are your educational bragging rights (editorial accomplishments)
    I have been a stylist for 5 years, and graduated from Paul Mitchell school of cosmetology.  

   What do you love about your craft?

    I love my job because I get to make people in my chair feel special and beautiful, that is one of the best feelings in the world.

   What have you learned from your clients?

    One thing I have learned from my clients is to be a good listener, not only to be there physically but emotionally for them.

   What do you specialize in?
    I specialize in Coloring. I love doing fashion colors, blondes, and simple root touch up’s.

   What are the up coming trends in hair cutting,coloring and products?

    Some upcoming fun trends are embracing & enhancing natural colors, textures and creating different texture with amazing styling products.

 What should clients look for when they are shopping for a stylist?

  When clients are looking for a stylist I always suggest you find someone you vibe with- who you really feel comfortable with in there chair.

   Where do you find inspiration?

    I find inspiration by being surrounded by such talented artists who all specialize in something and add there own edge into there craft.

   What charitable organizations do you feel passionate about?
    I am a real animal lover, I support any charity that helps humane societies, food donations, and fostering animals.

   How do you spend your time when not knee deep into your craft? (hobbies)

In my free time I spend as much time with my family as I canI am a mom to two frenchtons, we spend our time camping, watching movies, and traveling.

   Why are professional hair care products important?

Using professional hair products is key to having healthy happy hair- you’re investing in your hair so investing in your product is an investment on yourself.


   What is you favorite shade of lipstick?
My favorite shade of lipstick is shiny clear gloss. 

Instagram: @micshairchair

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