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      Stylist / Color Specialist



   Q: How long have you been a stylist and what are your educational bragging rights? 

A: I have been lucky to call this my job for 2 years !! I love that you can  stop learning, I’m at every class  I can, from Hanzo cutting classes to hair shows to Oribe artist workshops.

   Q: What do you love about your craft?

A: I love most about my craft is that I get the opportunity to be a friend to every person that sits in my chair and make them feel beautiful. All while getting to create every day! What’s better than that ?

   Q: What have you learned from your clients?

A: My clients have truly made me the stylist I am today. They inspire me to push myself and my skills, and given me so many tips on life!

   Q: What do you specialize in? 

A: Blonding, Balayage, braiding & makeup are a few of my favorite things!

   Q: What should clients look for when they are shopping for a stylist? 

A: Clients should look for a stylist that listens to their needs and can meet their expectations while preserving the integrity of their hair.

   Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: I find hair inspiration from social media and my favorite celebrity hairstylists, I love keeping up with the trends !

   Q: What charitable organizations do you feel passionate about?

A: My favorite organization is, it works to put a stop to child trafficking.

   Q: How do you spend your time when not knee deep into your craft?

A: When I’m not doing hair, I’m spending time  with my friends and family, and of course with my Newfoundland,Bentley! And just being outdoors! I think Reno’s just the coolest coolest place, we’re so close to the mountains and ski resorts and beautiful lakes and hiking 

   Q: Why are professional hair care products important?

A: The MOST important thing on your journey to healthy beautiful hair is to ditch the over the counter products! They can be the kiss of death to damaged hair because of the harsh chemicals and detergents that they contain. Using a professional regimen that focuses on protecting your hair & adding protein and moisture is a must, especially when you’re trying to go lighter!

   Q: What is you favorite shade of lipstick?

A: I have at least 10 liquid lipsticks in my purse at all times, I’m obsessed with makeup! 


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