Hair Stylist

Braids & Extension

Blonde/Balayage Specialist

Vivid, Extension & Bridal Makeup Specialist

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   What do you love about your craft

What I love most about my craft is that with even the simplest service, I can boost someone's confidence! 

   What have you learned from your clients?

From my clients? I have learned that being honest is almost as important as well as being yourself. 

   What do you specialize in?

I specialize in makeup, blondes, and braids. 

   What are the upcoming trends in hair cutting, coloring and products?

The upcoming trends in hair are definitely the pixie hair cut with rainbow hair or peekaboos of color! The trends with hair care product are, the being cruelty free and vegan. 

   What should clients look for when they are shopping for a stylist?

When clients are shopping for a stylist, they should look for someone who has vibe and personality connects well and strong enough in craft to meet expectations. 

   Where do you find inspiration?

I mostly find inspiration in nature and the world around me. What is more beautiful than the sunrise in the morning??


   What charitable organizations do you feel passionate about?

I feel most passionate about organizations such as black jaguar white tiger and the humane society. 

   How do you spend your time when not knee deep into your craft?

When I am not knee deep in my craft, I love to go out and explore this vast earth, whether it's with a book, a festival, or just hanging out with friends. everything is a sacred, crazy experience :)

   Why are professional hair care products important?

Why are professional hair care products are so important? That is like asking you to buy a lamborghini and put regular unleaded gas in it. Would you? 

   What is your favorite shade of lipstick?

My absolute favorite shade of lipstick is lolita by kat von d!